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Agthia Group showcases leading role in regional and global markets at Gulfood 2024




Agthia Group, one of the region’s leading food & beverage companies, participated in Gulfood 2024 Exhibition, the world’s premier trade event in the food and beverage industry, held at the Dubai World Trade Center from February 19 to 23, 2024. This participation coincided with Agthia Group’s 20th anniversary, during which the company showcased its extensive brand portfolio across water, food, snacking, frozen, and protein business verticals, reflecting the group’s growth and bolstering its presence in key markets regionally and globally.
Since its inception, the Group has prioritized innovation across its product offerings, strengthening its distinct and agile business model and solidifying its leadership position by expanding into value-added categories. The Group has fortified its position through the recent acquisitions and integration of several companies including Al Foah, Nabil Foods, Al Faysal Bakery & Sweets, Atyab, BMB Group, and Abu Auf, which has driven the Group’s footprint to over 45 countries globally, with over 35 brands tailored to diverse needs, aligning perfectly with the group’s ethos of “For the better”.
Mubarak Al Mansoori, President of Snacking & Government Relations, expressed his delight at the group’s involvement in Gulfood 2024, affirming: “The group’s presence at this year’s exhibition aligns perfectly with our 20th anniversary, lending significant importance to the event on multiple fronts. Today, we observe the pivotal contribution of the group towards advancing and bolstering the developmental landscape of the F&B sector across regional and global markets, thereby reinforcing Agthia’s prominent position within the industry.”

During the event, Al Ain Water, Agthia’s flagship brand, signed several​strategic partnerships to enhance sustainability in the UAE market including an agreement with Alpha Flight Catering (Air Arabia) that will enable them to make a significant shift towards sustainability by completely shifting to Al Ain rPET bottles for their inflight consumption, airport lounges, crew and all other operations. Another MOU that was signed with North Atlantic Research and Survey explores new market opportunities, like introducing Icelandic Glacier Water to the GCC region, in line with Agthia’s strategy of offering unique, premium products. Additionally, a partnership with the Dubai Horse Racing Club was sealed to fuel champions’ spirits for the next three years and consequently strengthen Al Ain Water’s presence in the sports sector.

Al Mansoori emphasized that “Despite the challenges of inflation and disruptions in the supply chain affecting the entire sector, Agthia’s participation in Gulfood 2024 presents a golden opportunity to highlight the growth and accomplishments of our agile business model. This underscores our improved capacity to address challenges and stay abreast of industry developments, ranging from strengthening our group’s portfolio to forging stronger direct connections with our customers; This aligns perfectly with our ambitious long-term strategy, founded on three fundamental pillars: growth, efficiency, and capability, with the ultimate goal of attaining leadership in the food and beverage sector across the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond by 2025.”

Mubarak concluded by saying, “Our business results over the past years underscore our continuous pursuit and commitment to accelerating the growth and expansion of the group to deliver the best for both our customers and employees alike. Today, we witness the fruits of these successes come to fruition.”
In line with continuing 2024 as the year of Sustainability, it is noteworthy that Agthia Group is prioritizing the enhancement of its ESG strategy to enrich the consumer experience and yield favorable returns for stakeholders, aligning with the most stringent global standards.

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