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Al Marasem Development Launches Landmark “Mar Bay” Project in Ras El Hekma

Al Marasem Development, a leading real estate developer in Egypt, has unveiled its latest project, “Mar Bay,” in the thriving Ras El Hekma region in the northwestern North Coast, as part of the company’s strategic expansion plan, which is embodied in the slogan: “The Legacy of Excellence Broadens”.

The “Mar Bay” project, spans an impressive 640 acres (equivalent to 2,700,000 square meters or 2700 hectares). Al Marasem is responsible for the overall and exclusive development of the project, known for its strategic location in the Ras El Hekma area, located at kilometer 191 on the Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Road. The project’s master plan was designed in collaboration with the global firm BDP, one of the largest British global architectural and planning firms specializing in large-scale international projects for over 60 years worldwide.

In alignment with Al Marasem Development’s vision of creating integrated, family-oriented communities, the “Mar Bay” project has been meticulously planned to cater to the diverse needs and interests of all its family members. The project offers an array of amenities, luxurious services, and diverse facilities suitable for all age groups, aspiring to become a cherished gathering place for families. The development boasts a 1,200-meter beachfront, complemented by 1,050 meters of seafront island beaches directly connected to the sea.

The project’s offerings include villas, townhouses, twin houses, and chalets in a variety of sizes and models, as well as hotel rooms, all characterized by distinctive and modern architectural designs. As with all Al Marasem’s projects, this one is expected to yield high returns on investment. The company was keen, during the general planning of the project, to achieve the highest levels of utilizing the elevation differences present in the land plot to provide distinctive views for the residential units. The “Mar Bay” project includes internal swimming lagoons that offer sandy beaches over large areas and near all units. The distribution of the lagoons all over the masterplan was done to ensure exceptional views for the units.

The project is distinguished by the presence of the finest services and facilities that ensure international levels of luxury. These include top-notch restaurants with famous brands offering direct sea views, commercial shops, a globally managed hotel, Club House & SPA located on the beach to provide visitors with relaxation and privacy. Additionally, there is a tropical forest, the first of its kind in the North Coast, along with multipurpose playgrounds, green spaces, swimming pools, and a designated area for commercial and entertainment services.

Committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, AlMarasem has ensured that “Mar Bay” residents can utilize electric transportation for all their on-site mobility needs, reducing the reliance on private vehicles and promoting a clean, healthy living environment.

Since its establishment, Al Marasem Development has been following an integrated expansion plan based on several core principles. The most important of these is the development of distinctive architectural and investment projects. This deliberate and systematic approach ensures the achievement of the company’s goals and maintains its leading position in the Egyptian real estate development sector.

It is worth noting that the company launched its second project in New Zayed City
“MAR VILLE” in November 2023, which comes after the success of its first project “FIFTH SQUARE” in New Cairo. Al Marasem International Group was established in 1997 and expanded its activities to include real estate development in 2017. It is a product of the work of the Al Marasem International Group. Over the years, Al Marasem International Group has succeeded in translating its vision into reality, benefiting from its long record of success in the field of construction and real estate development.

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