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Discover the handbook to successful entrepreneurship journey with “Mindset to Startup” book by Hani W. Naguib

 Hani W. Naguib, expert in Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship and a dedicated advocate for the field, launched his book “Mindset to Startup”. It is an essential guide for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs highlighting the importance of a resilient mindset. It offers deep insights and practical tools to overcome challenges, create meaningful value in business and the world.
In “Mindset to Startup,” Hani W. Naguib embarks on an entrepreneurial journey, sharing invaluable lessons from his own extensive experience. With a focus on the importance of a resilient mindset and practical tools, Hani provides readers with the strategies needed to navigate the pitfalls and challenges inherent in the entrepreneurial world.
Anchored on the fundamental premise that entrepreneurship is inherently woven into the fabric of human existence, Hani W. Naguib challenges the notion that entrepreneurship is solely about turning ideas into profitable ventures. Instead, he asks readers to delve deeper – emphasizing the significance of progress, resilience, and the act of creating value beyond financial gains.
Using his very own narrative style where he engages the reader in the dialogue, Naguib offers a fresh perspective on how entrepreneurs and their ventures grow together. The book also argues that entrepreneurship is an ongoing learning journey marked by adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges. He asserts that entrepreneurs are not superstars; they are individuals committed to progress, undeterred by challenges, in the relentless pursuit of their visions.
“After mentoring more than 10,000 hours and more than XX startups in various industries and markets, I have seen startups fly and reach series A and startups do not pass the pre-seed stage. I have decided to support the startups by creating “Mindset to Startup” as a guidebook that highlight the vital instructions for a smooth entrepreneurship journey. “Mindset to Startup” is not only a guide to the Egyptian and African startups but it can be used globally.”
About the Author:
Hani W. Naguib is a seasoned entrepreneur and an avid advocate for Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship. With an MBA from the prestigious SDA Bocconi School of Management and a career spanning over two decades, Hani has collaborated with influential organizations such as IFC, the Global Entrepreneurship Network, EIT Climate-KIC, and Plug’n’Play. Recognized as the African Ecosystem Hero of the Year in 2023 at the Global Startup Awards, Hani’s commitment to nurturing startups is reflected in his contribution of over 10,000 mentoring hours.
Hani’s dedication extends to his roles as a lecturer at ESLSCA Business School, a frequent guest speaker at The American University in Cairo, and a contributor to the EU MC2 Project think tank. He has also shared his insights as a keynote speaker at prominent events like TEDx, Lean Startup Night, Startup Grind, Techne Summit, and GEN Week.

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